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  • Management of classified ads and leads
  • Classified Ads: Payment Options
  • Post the Classified Ads
  • Renew Ads
  • Featured Classified Ads
  • Erase Classified Ads
  • Introduction of images
  • Change personal data and password
  • Can I suspend my classified ad?
  • While my property ad is suspended, is the advertisement period still running?

Featured Classified Ads

  • What is Featured Classified Ads on CASASAPO?
  • Which Featured Classified Ads options are available?
  • What are the advantages of having a Featured Classified Ad?
  • Which properties can I feature?
  • How many featuring options are available?
  • How much it costs me to have a Featured Classified Ad?
  • How can I place a property in the Main List?
  • How can I monitor de results of a Campaign?

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